Ninca Leece's debut album, There Is No One Else When I Lay Down and Dream, is the distillation of her travels, playing clubs and festivals, writing soundtracks and various musical collaborations over the past few years. Having grown up in France, Ninca went on to study music production and vocals in Rotterdam and then to tour the globe as part of various projects. She has now relocated to Berlin, and the musical imprint of her adopted home on her brand of minimal electro, "glitch and synth pop" is undeniable.

In producing and arranging her album, Ninca plays with electro sounds and melody, mixing in layers of organic instrumentation and field recordings. As she explains, the result is a "collection of my experiments in sound and emotions -- lots of funny little things, broken hearted sounds and melodies. It's about glitchiness, quirkiness, sexiness".

Have a listen to "Funny Symphony" - Ninca's French and English vocals provide a looping melody, gently warming the chilly permafrost of electronic clicks and cuts.

Watch the video to the track "On Top of The World".

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