Team Ghost is the new project fronted by Nicolas Fromageau, co-founder of M83 with Anthony Gonzales. The two co-wrote M83's first two releases M83 and Dead Cities, Red Sea and Lost Ghosts. Before the release of M83's third album, Nicolas and Anthony parted ways, seeing Nicolas moving to Paris from the South of France. It was there that he formed Team Ghost, joined by multi-instrumentalist Christophe Guérin and producer / manager Jean-Philippe Talaga (founder of Gooom Disques). Nicolas and Christophe also formed a production team called Kiss Me First.

Against this backdrop, Team Ghost is set to release their first EP You Never Did Anything Wrong To Me next month on the UK's Sonic Cathedral Records. Along with being available as a digital download, the release will also be available as a limited edition black and white 10-inch vinyl.

It is no surprise that Team Ghost builds on the M83 sound -- tracks crafted on shoegaze synths and guitar washes, bringing a welcome and slightly dark closeness. One of our favorite tracks "A Glorious Time" builds along on an uplifting drone with a hypnotic chorus of abandon and moving forward, charging you to "leave it all behind you"….

Be sure to catch Team Ghost in Paris on April 26 at Nouveau Casino with Crystal Castles. Other European dates are set for April, with a few shows in London and Brighton in May. Check the Team Ghost MySpace page for updated concert information.

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