Face B (B Side) Project by Daniela Franco at Maison Rouge - What's On The Hi-Fi Participates in Longplay

Daniela Franco is a Paris based artist and avid collector of albums, images, press and music of all forms.  Her collaborative project Face B was created in conjunction with the highly recommended Vinyl exhibit (vinyl and covers compiled by British collector, publisher and curator Guy Schraenen), both currently showing at the art foundation Maison Rouge in Paris (Bastille)

Face B is both a website based project as well an impressive collection of rare vinyl and album art.  As part of the project (Remix), Daniela has also asked writers to select albums from her personal collection.  Longplay features playlists created by artists, musicians, designers, and those in the musical community - each playlist created following a specific brief.  

What's On The Hi-Fi has the pleasure of participating in Longplay, for which we have created a playlist of ten albums representing our biography .

You can browse and listen to all of the playlists as part of the Face B project at Maison Rouge or on the project's website.

Catch DJ sessions every Thursday evening as part of the exhibit at Maison Rouge.   Also, each month a limited edition triptych will be available featuring work from artists who use album covers as a platform for their work.

Face B and Vinyl will be showing at Maison Rouge until May 16.

Face B | Maison Rouge 

Track of the Day..."Excuses" from The Morning Benders

The Morning Benders

From Big Echo
Rough Trade (2010)

Listen to "Excuses" MP3

With Big Echo, Berkeley, CA band The Morning Benders have made a huge leap forward from the delightful but simple pop sounds on their 2008 debut album Talking Through Tin Cans. The new release is deeper, more eclectic and features lush, layered songwriting and thoughtful, exciting production from singer Christopher Chu and co-producer Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear.

On the opening track “Excuses”, Chu takes on the role of 50’s style balladeer with his cool, gentle and ethereal delivery. The music follows suit from the opening timpani drum sound, to the orchestral strings and the slow dance, prance of the keyboards. What makes the song so marvelous is that they make the sound refreshing. It’s a perfect soundtrack to soak up the summer and remember how a well-crafted pop tune can change your day.

Big Echo is available now in the US and will drop in the UK/Europe on June 28th.

MySpace | Rough Trade Records

What's On The Hi-Fi...MGMT Album Review

Columbia Records 2010

Things seemed to go so easilyy for Brooklyn based duo MGMT in the last few years. Their 2008 debut, the hook-heavy Oracular Spectacular, spawned several hits that were heard on every radio from Madison Avenue ad agencies to pizza shops in Williamsburg to 15-year-old girls' bedrooms in Cocoa Beach, FL and of course on the Hi-Fi here at the office.

With the release of Congratulations it would seem the rumors of their distaste for the limelight were true. The album is a surprisingly complex departure from the groove and funk-fest of their first album. It's much more layered and eclectic with unusual time signatures and tempo changes. The vocals are more subtle and diverse than the sexed up wails of before. And let's take our hats off to these boys for not being afraid to tackle a 10+ minute song with "Siberian Breaks" which in my opinion is the standout track of the album.

The screaming throng probably won’t get this album and maybe it won’t garner MGMT another Grammy nod. It’s might just be too much of a deviation for the casual pop music listener. However, Congratulations is filled with skillfully crafted songwriting, elegant production and lovely vocals that make this set of songs a sonic gem for real music lovers all over.

"It's Working"
"Song for Dan Treacy"
"Someone's Missing"
"Flash Delirium"
"I Found A Whistle"
"Siberian Breaks"
"Brian Eno"
"Lady Dada's Nightmare"

Official | MySpace

Record Store Day on April 17, 2010

Get out there and support independent music shops on Record Store Day, this Saturday, 17 April 2010. That's right, back slowly away from the screen and head out to an actual brick and mortar indie record store. Take the time to flip through the racks, talk about music with staff who are passionate about music and catch special performances from artists throughout the weekend. Also, discover exclusive Record Store Day releases (including many limited edition editions and special vinyl) from the likes of the Flaming Lips, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beach House, Midlake, Bright Eyes, Caribou, and Dum Dum Girls.

Record Store Day continues to be a celebration of the unique culture of the independently owned record store. There is no better place to discover new music. Hands down.

Check the official Record Store Day website for participating stores, release information and appearances. If you are in London, head down to Rough Trade Shops. In NYC (Manhattan), check out Other Music , Rebel Rebel (319 Bleeker) and Kims. In Paris, converge on Ground Zero (although not participating in this year's Record Store Day's festivities).

"Record stores can't save your life. But they can give you a better one." - Nick Hornby

Record Store Day | Follow Record Store Day on Twitter

Track of the Day..."A Glorious Time" from Team Ghost

Team Ghost

"A Glorious Time"
From the EP You Never Did Anything Wrong To Me
Sonic Cathedral Records (2010)

Listen to "A Glorious Time" MP3

Team Ghost is the new project fronted by Nicolas Fromageau, co-founder of M83 with Anthony Gonzales. The two co-wrote M83's first two releases M83 and Dead Cities, Red Sea and Lost Ghosts. Before the release of M83's third album, Nicolas and Anthony parted ways, seeing Nicolas moving to Paris from the South of France. It was there that he formed Team Ghost, joined by multi-instrumentalist Christophe Guérin and producer / manager Jean-Philippe Talaga (founder of Gooom Disques). Nicolas and Christophe also formed a production team called Kiss Me First.

Against this backdrop, Team Ghost is set to release their first EP You Never Did Anything Wrong To Me next month on the UK's Sonic Cathedral Records. Along with being available as a digital download, the release will also be available as a limited edition black and white 10-inch vinyl.

It is no surprise that Team Ghost builds on the M83 sound -- tracks crafted on shoegaze synths and guitar washes, bringing a welcome and slightly dark closeness. One of our favorite tracks "A Glorious Time" builds along on an uplifting drone with a hypnotic chorus of abandon and moving forward, charging you to "leave it all behind you"….

Be sure to catch Team Ghost in Paris on April 26 at Nouveau Casino with Crystal Castles. Other European dates are set for April, with a few shows in London and Brighton in May. Check the Team Ghost MySpace page for updated concert information.

Tracklisting from You Never Did Anything Wrong To Me

"Lonely, Lonely, Lonely"

"A Glorious Time"

"Sur Nous Les Étincelles Du Soleil"


"Only You Can Break My Heart"

"Colors In Time"

"Deaf" (digital release only)

MySpace | Sonic Cathedral Records

What's On The Hi-Fi...Podcast Nine

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Track of the Day… "Everyday" from Twin Tigers

Twin Tigers
From Gray Waves
Old Flame (2010)

Listen to "Everyday" MP3

Ahhh! Rock music has returned to Athens. I have no problem with the cacophony of auto-tuned, hip-hop, blah from most of north Georgia that has been spilling out of the vine in the last ten years. Yeah, well, I guess I do. I miss good old fashioned college rock and that's what Athens, GA is all about. Now, the haircuts are much better than Stipe in '86 but the quality is there in spades. Twin Tigers' straight-forward yet sharp sound is as welcome as the spring warmth. It's on the hi-fi and should be on yours' as well.