Track of the Day… "Images" from Norman Palm

Norman Palm
from Shore to Shore
City Slang 2010
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Inspired by life on the move among different cities (Mexico City, Paris, Berlin), 10 personal songs come together to form Norman Palm's personal new release Shore to Shore.  Norman  moves away from the mainly acoustic sound of his debut Songs(accompanied by a 200-page book of Norman's artwork), mixing up and stretching his sound with the help of producer Janne Lounatvuori.  Daniel Nentwig (The Whitest Boy Alive) and Le Corps Mince de Françoise also lend their talents. 

One of our favourite tracks is the insistently pulsating "Images", a timely indie pop call to a fresh beginning.
Take a microscopic look into the push and pull of love and hate with the video to "WDYD?" (designed by Mareike Graf).
Also, be sure to check out the beautiful collage graphics for the album, the work of exciting Paris-based Ahonen & Lamberg.
You can catch Norman on several European dates this spring, including at La Flèche d'Or (Paris) on 2 April and for a special show in Berlin (Grüner Salon) on 23 April, playing with his band and special guests.
Shore to Shore is out now on Berlin's City Slang.
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Track of the Day..."Up and Down" from Chad Valley

Chad Valley
"Up and Down"
Chad Valley (EP)
Cascine 2010

Listen to "Up And Down”

Oxford collective member Hugo Manuel, has channeled a new electronic look that focuses on shine and sumptuousness with his Chad Valley EP.

The track “Up And Down” is in the same vein as Peter, Bjorn and John and Animal Collective. The song is filled with electronic congas and bongos that are replete with organic substance. That main part is fine but it’s the unexpected percussion you have to listen for that warms the spaces between.

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Track of the Day..."Firecracker" from Frazey Ford

Frazey Ford
Nettwerk 2010

Listen to "Firecracker" MP3

Canadian singer-songwriter and The Be Good Tanyas founder Frazey Ford has crafted a skilled solo debut called Obadiah. The title is taken from her middle name and her personal feel is felt throughout the album.

Her track “Firecracker” brings to mind a lazy days Sunday walk with no troubles in the world. The song is rich and clean with a slow plucked banjo filling in the light spaces with lovely color.

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Track of the Day..."Weekend" from Smith Westerns

Smith Westerns
Dye It Blonde
Fat Possum 2011

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Chicago band Smith Westerns blend a refreshing, modern pop sound with a distinctive, pure rock sensibility. The album is filled with sparkling ELO with John Lennon guest singing tracks. And dare I say Lynard Skynard? (re: “All Die Young”)

On “Weekend”, the band channels a 60’s surfer boy vibe typified by the happy anti-lament “Ooh Weh”. Besides the fun chant the vocals are sharp and smart.

Check out the video for “Weekend” here.

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Track of the Day..."The Great Pan Is Dead" from Cold Cave

Cold Cave
"The Great Pan Is Dead"
Cherish the Light Years
Matador April 2011

Listen to "The Great Pan Is Dead" MP3

This April, Cold Cave (led by Wesley Eisold) is set to release the group's follow-up Cherish The Light Years, an album recorded with Chris Coady who has worked with the likes of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, !!! and TV on the Radio. Wesley describes the upcoming release as "...a love letter to the path that has lead me to where I am now, to loss and love and friends and enemies and the dizzied and blurred ways of the world."

On the first release from the new album, "The Great Pan Is Dead", Wesley looks to his hardcore and noise roots. The track plays off of the drive and sharpness of industrial rock, all the while not shying away from the embrace of melody and bright synths.

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Track of the Day... "Transatlantic" from Christian Kjellvander

Christian Kjellvander
from The Rough and Rynge
Tapete Records (February 2011)
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The Rough and Rynge
is Christian Kjellvander's follow-up to his 2007 release I Saw Her From Here / I Saw Here From Her. The new album came together from stories from the road, where Christian spent about 2 years touring in support of his 2007 release. He believes in the power of playing live, as he says, "[i]t's the only thing, besides family and friends, worth living for.  And a good song can be done anywhere, anyhow." Touring left Christian phased by what he saw, about the direction where he saw society and people heading.  He retreated to write the songs that make up the new album, all of which were recorded over a short five days.
The track "Transatlantic" is the opener to the new album, a quietly moving and nuanced song which highlights Christan's broken vocals style.
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