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What we said:
Musically, Matthew Dear is many things: artist (under various aliases including Audion), producer, keenly sought after remixer and DJ, label co-founder (of both Ghostly International and Spectral Sound).  And he is back this summer with his fourth album (under his own name) Black City, his follow-up to 2007’s Asa Breed.  

The title track from Black City “I Can’t Feel” is spun from darker stuff.  The track begins with an afro-rhythmic clip, a hypnotic bass loop, organ chords and restrained effects.  This off-kilter groove is joined by Matthew’s distinctive baritone croon, gliding fitfully forward, until the track simply dissolves.  Enjoy the sexy darkness.
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Below is the tracklisting for Black City:
“I Can’t Feel”
“Little People (Black City)”
“Soil to Seed”
“You Put A Smell On Me”
“More Surgery”
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