One of our favorite artists / storytellers Jens Lekman is back with an excellent 5-track EP An Argument With Myself, a smart and sharp follow-up to his 2007 release Night Falls Over Kortedala.  On these wonderfully site-specific tracks, Jens shares the personal, all keenly observed, with a warm and laid-back sense of humor.
Jens wrote on his website about the title track, “(i)n the case 'Jens Lekman vs. Jens Lekman', we will look closer at the evidence presented - the photo I had carried in my breastpocket for a whole year, the pressed honeysuckle, the wind so rich on summer and so sweet - how are these things connected and why are they relevant?"
Have a listen to the title track, a song that bobs and weaves as Jens has a nice go at himself as he walks home through the streets of his adopted home of Melbourne, Australia.
Be sure to catch Jens on tour this October in Europe and the USA (quite a few shows have already sold out).  He puts on an excellent live show that you shouldn’t miss.
Also, have a listen to the Summer Never Ends mixtape from Jens (from 2009) which includes a wonderfully imagined conversation with Alicia Keys (about the 15:10 minute mark).
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