Recorded on a borrowed 8-track in an isolated house in Northumberland, Gracious Tide Take Me Home is the beautiful full-length debut from England's Lanterns on the Lake.

The sextet, which formed in 2008 as Greenpeace, is made up of Hazel Wilde (vocals / guitar), brothers Adam (vocals / guitar) and Brendan Sykes (bass), Sarah Kemp (violin), Ol Ketteringham (drums / piano) and Paul Gregory (guitar / electronics).  Inspired by bands such as Low and Sigur Rós, Lanterns on the Lake's sound is a difficult to categorize mix of folk and electronics, featuring some rather incredible guitar effects from Paul.  Forgoing the studio, this debut remains personal and intimate.  The songs reflect a sense of traveling and time, often drawing inspiration from darker moments -- "Ships In the Rain" is inspired by a the story of a local fisherman who disappeared at sea, and "A Kingdom" draws upon a book of letters sent back home from WWII soldiers.

Have a listen to the quietly hopeful track "Lungs Quicken", a song which hesitantly leaves the ground, the melody circling high above.

Also, check out the seaside video for "Keep on Trying", directed by Alex Southam. 

Lanterns on the Lake will be playing dates throughout Europe this October and November:

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