What's On Their Hi-Fi...Fujiya & Miyagi

Formed in Brighton in 2000, Fujiya & Miyagi are purveyors of the 70’s Krautrock popularized by bands such as Can and Neu!. The band’s name comes from the now infamous, waxing on and off teacher from The Karate Kid movies and a brand of a record player.

They've produced several LP's and remix albums including 2008's Light Bulbs and their songs have found mainstream commercial success being featured in ads ranging from Jaguar to Miller Lite Beer.

David (Miyagi) Best of Fujiya & Miyagi was kind enough to give us a few examples from his vast knowledge of krautrock and electronica. Here's what's on their hi-fi this week.

Franco Battiato - "Mecanics"
This is from the 1972 LP Fetus and there is an Italian and English version. It is a very unique sounding record with lots of good synth sounds and great melodies. It's hard to describe as there is so much going on in it. It's quite proggy in places but seems more mental than self indulgent. I believe Jim O'Rourke is a big fan.

Vangelis - "The Dragon"
This is more like an Elongated Aphrodites Child song than Chariots of Fire. It has a fuzz bass all the way through it and it lasts for about 15 minutes. It reminds me of Beefheart and Zappa's "Willie the Pimp" for some reason. I like to listen to this when i'm shopping in supermarkets.

Silver Apples - "I Have Known Love"
I love the Silver Apples and this is probably their most accessible song from their second LP called Contact. It's like a number one pop song from a parallel universe that keeps going round and round your brain. Any song that just has live drums, singing and electronics on it is always going to be a favourite.

Chrissy Zebby tembo & Ngozi Family - "Troublemaker"
This is from an LP called My Ancestors from 1974 which was recorded in Zambia. The music reminds me of a fuzzed up Modern Lovers but i'm just listening to it again as I write this and it sounds nothing like the Modern Lovers. Maybe it sounds like an outtake from Can's Delay 1968 . Maybe it doesn't.
it's a joyous sounding record.

Don Cherry - "Brown Rice"
This has a wahwahed fuzz double bass and very, very whispered vocals. I don't know if Don Cherry did any other songs like this one, if so i'd like to hear them. It's a cross between Donald Byrd's "Cristo Redentor", Miles Davis' The Complete Jack Johnson sessions and something from Can's Landed LP or maybe "Dizzy Dizzy" from Soon Over Babaluma.

Listen to Fujiya & Miyagi's "Dishwasher” MP3

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