Edmar Castaneda
Entre Cuerdes (available 6/1/2009)
ArtistShare.com (2009)
Going back to the Greeks, the harp was associated with Apollo and reason, and then of course somewhere along the way the image of angelic harps got started. This sound combined with jazz-lite would indeed be a nauseating combination. The harp sound we are mostly familiar with emphasizes the lush, resonant qualities of the instrument -- which ironically, kind of makes the instrument into a kind of strumpet. Edmar Castaneda's performance style is refreshing because it brings out the percussive, rhythmic potential of the instrument.

Throughout his music we hear brief improvisatory sections, preludes of sorts, followed by a variety of syncopated melodies played over an ostinato. The advantage over an instrument such as guitar is that he plays as many as ten notes at once. What makes the album and the music as a whole work is his technical mastery of the instrument. Truly a wonder to listen to, and we look forward to his album Entre Cuardes on June 1st.

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