Evening Hymns
Spirit Guides
Kütu Folk Records (France) 2010 / Out of this Spark 2009
 Listen to “Lanterns” MP3

Evening Hymns evolves around Toronto-based songwriter Jonas Bonnetta.  His debut full-length under the moniker Evening Hymns Spirit Guides was released in North America late last year on Out of this Spark, and is seeing its release in Europe this month on France’s Kütu Folk Records.

In many ways, Spirit Guides came together as a way for Jonas to deal with his father’s long illness and passing.  Eschewing the obvious pitfalls, his record embraces hope, allowing his songs the time to develop and take the time necessary to play out.
“Lanterns” is a standout track which builds, slowly adding layers and sounds (guitars, drums, strings, horns), providing buoyancy to lyrics which gently reassures that “everything is going to be alright tonight”.  “Mtn. Song” captures a sense of a certain wonderment, a rolling and impulsive track.  While “History Books”, “Dead Deer” and “Cedars” follow a starker course, bare and seemingly exposed.  “Broken Rifle” stands apart with its assured rock swagger., and on “November 1st, 2008, Lakefield”, quite simply put, it rained.
Be sure to catch Evening Hymns in Paris on 14 September at Point Ephémère. Jonas will also be in London on 27 (The Hoxton Bar and Kitchen), 28 (The Windmill) and 30 (King’s Cross Social) September.  For a complete list of tour dates (France, UK, Belgium, Germany) check out the Evening Hymns MySpace page.
While not on Spirit Guides, check out the video for the excellent track “Port Hope” for a bit of the wonderfully understated spirit that is Evening Hymns.
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