Mind Raft EP
Lovepump United (2009)
Download: "High Road"
Brooklyn-based musician Angel Deradoorian, best known for her work with Dirty Projectors, has crafted a quirky, moody and eclectic sound on her solo EP Mind Raft.  Where the Dirty Projectors mine an experimental and indie pop vibe, Deradoorian is much more subdued and almost zen in her approach to her music . Her voice is interesting and wraithlike, while the supporting music exhibits a solemn and sparse sound often consisting of a simple strummed guitar or echoed piano.  The standout at this early stage in her writing is "High Road" which ambles slowly ahead like a caravan following the night stars, lost but pushing on.

Although we are presented with only five songs, Mind Raft makes us take notice, and we look forward to hearing her debut full-length in the near future