from Tomhet; idel tomhet
Labrador 2009

Listen to "Halleluja!” MP3

Thanks go out to Kristian Dahl of Lacrosse for turning us on to this steller pop track from Sweden's [ingenting]! "Halleluja!", sung in Swedish, confidently swaggers along on Brit-pop riffs and a joyous melodic chorus. Its no wonder why this indie-pop track has been a top play on Swedish radio over the past few months. While the subtleties of the Swedish language may escape us, this delightfully addictive tune remains firmy stuck in our heads.

"Halleluja!" is the first single from the album Tomhet, idel tomhet (which, in a rather stark contrast to the track, we understand means "emptiness, nothing but emptiness") and is out now on Labrador. Watch

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