“Bye Bye Cellphone” from the self-titled album
2010  Blonde Music Publishing

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1973 is the French trio of school friends Nicolas Frank (vocals and guitars), Thibault Barbillon (from Nouvelle Vague on bass, keyboards, guitars) and Jérôme Plasseraud (guitars and keyboards).  With their first album Bye Bye Cellphone, 1973 have created a loving homage to the collectively imagined sound of California folk-pop and Beatles infused melodies.  The album was recorded in Thibault’s home studio in the French countryside over the last remaining weeks of summer. A soundtrack to that romanticized late afternoon in summer – the barbeque fired up, faces pink from the sun and the lingering light.
The tracks on Bye Bye Cellphone rise in wistful choruses, with lyrics often speaking to reminiscing, escaping or being set free.  In this vein, the title track speaks to suddenly becoming un-tethered with the loss of a cellphone and the freedom to reinvent.  Settle back and enjoy.
“Bye Bye Cellphone”
“Sexy Plane”
“Little Sis’”
“Simple Song (For A Complicated Girl)”
“Little Thing To Take Away”
“Late Night Call”
“We Are Nowhere”
“You Say You Will”
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