Active Child
“She Was A Vision”
from Curtis Lane
Filter Records / Merok Records 2010


Listen to “She Was A Vision” MP3

Active Child is the moniker of Los Angeles based artist Pat Grossi.  This former choirboy (he is a former member of the Philadelphia Boys Choir) continues to surprise with his clean falsetto, knack with the harp and subdued 80’s synth-pop inspired electronics.  Have a listen to the woozy track “She Was A Vision” with its tribute to the chorus from Cocteau Twins’ ’84 release “Lorelei”.
You can find “She Was A Vision” on Curtis Lane, Active Child’s six-track debut EP released this past June on Filter Records (US) (Filter Magazine’s label) and Merok Records (UK).  A 10” white vinyl is also available directly from the official Active Child website or via Insound.
Watch a session online with Active Child on KCRW’s excellent Morning Becomes Eclectic.

NYC residents, you can catch Active Child on 9 September at Brooklyn Bowl.  Active Child will stay out on tour through North America through October.
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