The Stepkids
"Shadows On Behalf"
from Self-Titled
Stones Throw (2011)

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The Stepkids are bassist and keyboardist Dan Edinberg, Jeff Gitelman (Alicia Keys’ former guitarist) and Drummer Tim Walsh. Each of the members are amazing singer/songwriters in their own right.

After a decade of musical experimentation, the trio settled on an eclectic synthesis of punk and jazz, folk, neo-soul, funk and electro. This everything and the kitchen sink filters out into the making of their tracks as the band produce, engineer and record themselves all on a reel-to-reel.

The song “Shadows On Behalf” features pure grooves, meticulous harmonies and heady lines that are at once funky, retro-cool and modern in the same moment.

Check out the video for the song here.
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