"I'm His Girl"
Lucky Number 2011

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Chances are you will be hearing a lot more more about Friends in 2012.  This Brooklyn 5-piece have been included in many a "ones to watch" list for 2012, including Q Magazine's Faces of 2012 and the BBC's Sounds of 2012.  

With their debut full-length to be released in 2012, Friends have as of yet only released a few singles.  Their second single is the infectious "I'm His Girl", showcasing the band's infinitely danceable, lo-fi indie pop sound.

Check out the video for the release
here, as well as the video for the band's first single "Friend Crush".

Also, keep an eye out for a Friends full-length release in 2012 and for what surely will be a slew of tour dates (including 1 February 2011 at La Flèche d'Or in Paris).

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