Three Blind Wolves
“Captain of a Ship”
Sound of the Storm
Communion Records 2012

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Glasgow, UK natives Three Blind Wolves led by singer and main songwriter Ross Clark have created a dreamy, romantic and rhythmic track on “Captain of a Ship” redolent of Vampire Weekend with less of their standard alty-cuteness and erudition.

The song begins with a vibrating, echo that blends effortlessly into a gently plucked acoustic guitar and then met by an ethereal howl. The tempo rises and becomes a west indian style beat buoyed by a brightly plucked electric guitar. The chorus yields yet another tempo change that is a sing-along, sea shanty type of ditty.

Clark’s vocals are the glue in the mix as they power the song forward. It’s a sound that is reminiscent of Mike Peters of The Alarm.

Looking forward to hearing what Three Blind Wolves have in store for the future.

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