Frànçois and The Atlas Mountains
from the EP Her River Raves Recollections

Listen to "Royan” MP3

"Royan" is the gently unfolding opening track from the warm and intimate EP Her River Raves Recollections from Frànçois and The Atlas Mountains. Frànçois, a Frenchman who has relocated to Bristol, shared with us about his new release which he describes as "a sort of collection of songs recorded at different places and times, but they have in common the feel of water. One side of the vinyl is the River Side, and the other is the Seaside. I need to go in the water very often. If I don't swim in the sea or the river for a long time, I start feeling confused … All the songs on the EP refer to that feeling in one way or another. It's an intimate affair - a lot of it was recorded on a 4 track that fits in the palm of my hand. So when I recorded it, it was like talking quietly to someone. I recorded a lot of it outdoors, picking up the surrounding sounds."

Her River Raves Recollections is available now on Stich Stich Records. Watch for the release of his new long player entitled Plaines Inondables later this month, as well as our upcoming interview with Frànçois!

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