What's On Their Hi-Fi...Lacrosse

Lacrosse is a wonderfully sunny six-piece pop combo from Stockholm who are purveyors of a singularly clever brand of (intense) euphoria. The tracks on the band's excellent Bandages For The Heart are far from saccharine, wide eyed ditties along the lines of Love Is..., but are rather musical Polaroids which delve into the intricacies and inherent messiness of all that is romantic love. On this sophmore release, multiple male / female vocals thread back and forth atop indie-pop I'm From Barcelona-like anthems. Bandages For The Heart is out now on Hamburg label Tapete Records.

Listen to "I See A Brightness” MP3

Tobias, Henrik and Kristian of Lacrosse share with us what's now on their hi-fi!

Tobias Dahlström (drums)
"The Tears and Music of Love" - Deerhoof
It's just one hell of a pop song from one of Tobias' favourite bands from this decade. Watch

"Kilometer" from the album Sexuality - Sébastien Tellier
I hated almost everything with an eighties sound, until I heard this fabulous song! I am a changed man. Watch

Henrik Johansson (guitar and vocals)
"Jim Cain" - Bill Callahan
Bill Callahan takes melancholy to an entire new level with some fantastic melodies. From his latest album Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle. Watch

"Grass" - Animal Collective
It's impossible to be angry after listening to that song. Watch

Kristian Dahl (lead vocals and guitar)
"Halleluja!" - Ingenting
The best Swedish pop song this year - so far. ["Hallelujah!" will soon be appearing as a Track of the Day here on What's On The Hi-Fi!] Watch

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