Track of the Day..."I'm His Girl" from Friends

"I'm His Girl"
Lucky Number 2011

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Chances are you will be hearing a lot more more about Friends in 2012.  This Brooklyn 5-piece have been included in many a "ones to watch" list for 2012, including Q Magazine's Faces of 2012 and the BBC's Sounds of 2012.  

With their debut full-length to be released in 2012, Friends have as of yet only released a few singles.  Their second single is the infectious "I'm His Girl", showcasing the band's infinitely danceable, lo-fi indie pop sound.

Check out the video for the release
here, as well as the video for the band's first single "Friend Crush".

Also, keep an eye out for a Friends full-length release in 2012 and for what surely will be a slew of tour dates (including 1 February 2011 at La Flèche d'Or in Paris).

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Track of the Day ..."Assembly" from Elephant

Assembly EP
Memphis Industries 2011

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Elephant is the duo of Emlia Rivas (vocals / keyboards) and Christian Pinchbeck (guitars / production).  The London-based duo met up in May 2010 and have now released their first EP with Memphis Industries.  The four tracks on the new release, including the hooky title track "Assembly", showcase their love of 80's synth pop and catchy baselines.  Elephant are scheduled to release their debut LP in 2012.
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Album Review..."Cold Still" from The Boxer Rebellion

The Boxer Rebellion
The Cold Still
PID (2011)
Album Review By Contributor Katryn Macko

After two full length albums, The Boxer Rebellion has seemed to perfect their unique and incendiary sound in their new album Cold Still. With smooth, raw vocals paired with honest lyrics, they manage to find the impeccable instrumental tonality amalgamations that blend it all into one coherent sound of love, loss, and new hope.

Cold Still opens with a song of complete surrender. “No Harm” breaks the listener down to his most exposed state, leaving him defenseless and ready for the next song to fill up his spirits again.

“Step Out of the Car” effectively accomplishes this with twangy distorted guitar in a fast-paced, high-intensity track that gives one the illusion of everything beginning to burst at the seams.

A sense of reassurance with a hint of sensual longing is transmitted in “Locked in the Basement”’s repeated lyrics “I will love you down, I will. Oh, I will.”

The purest tones imaginable pour out through the instruments in this song, as well as in “Cause For Alarm”, “Caught by the Light”, and “Doubt” with their mirrored genuine lyrics.

While “Organ Song” adds fresh instrumental dimensions, it remains fairly constant throughout with little variation.

“Memo”, “Both Sides Are Even”, and “The Runner” pick it back up with an emotional high unlike any other. They seem to release all internal anguish, confusion, and desire at once, refusing to hold any emotions inside. Now that they have refined their style with these brilliantly formulated songs,

Cold Still seems like just the beginning of this rising band’s future.

See the video for “Step Out Of The Car.”

01. No Harm
02. Step Out Of The Car
03. Locked In The Basement
04. Cause For Alarm
05. Caught by the Light
06. Organ Song
07. Memo
08. Both Sides Are Even
09. The Runner
10. Doubt

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