Track of the Day ..."Afternoon" from Youth Lagoon

Youth Lagoon
The Year of Hibernation
Fat Possum Records / Lefse Records (2011)

Listen to "Afternoon" MP3

While on last year's short Christmas break from Boise State, Trevor Powers working under the moniker Youth Lagoon, recorded his debut release
The Year of Hibernation. The tracks from the album came together close to home -  from recording keyboards in the kitchen and vocal reverbs in a large family garage. Drawing inspiration from such releases as Treasure from the Cocteau Twins, Trevor plays with loops and programming, his vocals often distant and awash in treatments.  The Year of Hibernation summons up a sense of nostalgia, a look back at a time that may never have been or at fears and anxieties with only the slightest tether to reality.

Have a listen to the track "Afternoon", a song that's wistful energy belies a deeper worry of returning to the one that you love, only to find that they are no longer there.

Throughout November, Youth Lagoon will be on tour in North America with Young Magic, including a 2-day stay at the Mercury Lounge in NYC.  A few additional dates have already been announced for January 2012 -- check the concert
page at Lefse Records for updates.

Also, check out the
video of Youth Lagoon performing "July" for Tunnelvision.

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Track of the Day..."Fake Pretend" from Carter Tanton

Carter Tanton
"Fake Pretend"
from Freeclouds
Western Vinyl 2011

Listen to "Fake Pretend" MP3

Inspired by touring as part of Marissa Nadler's band playing guitar and recording and arranging parts of her recent self-titled release, Carter Tanton (also of Lower Dens and the now defunct Tulsa) has released a new solo album Freeclouds on Austin's Western Vinyl. On the new release, Carter draws references from David Bowie's 1969 song "Wide Eyed Boy from Freecloud", a song for those removed from the center of events, those left outside.  Primarily recorded in his apartment, Carter pushed himself beyond the early intention of keeping the tracks simple and stripped down, exploring the use of synths, samples, drum programming and guitar textures and delays.  Have a listen to one of our favorite tracks "Fake Pretend", a wonderfully stylistically pick 'n' mix, featuring Marissa Nadler on vocals.

You can pick up a copy of Freeclouds from the Western Vinyl online shop (also available on vinyl with a mp3 download).

Carter will be playing in NYC on 8 November at Cameo Gallery with Boy Without God and Wailing Wall.  Along with other dates in Europe in November, Carter will be playing in Paris on 1 December at Point Ephémère.

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