Track of the Day..."A Little Lost" from Nat Baldwin

Nat Baldwin
"A Little Lost"
People Changes
Western Vinyl 2011

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Portsmouth, New Hampshire’s Nat Baldwin has a truly original sound. Baldwin is an upright bass player and a singer that flourishes in the soulful simplicity of his music.

Check out the track “A Little Lost” from his album People Changes available now on Western Vinyl.

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Track of the Day..."You In The Fires" from Jonas David

Jonas David
"You In the Fires"
Keep The Times
Volkoren (Munich) 2011
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Born out of rush of vivid dreams, Germany’s Jonas David’s debut Keep The Times plots a cinematic path along the universal touchpoints of hope, love, anger and pain.  Acoustic guitar, percussion, vibraphone and Rhodes piano provide the backdrop to tracks which reflect a smartly edited approach to indie folk coupled with a pop sensibility.  Jonas’s vocals wrap around infectious melodies, often lifting into a Justin Vernon falsetto.  Warm and carefully restrained, Keep The Times is a welcome summer debut.
Check out a video from a living room performance of the track “Shield”.

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Track of the Day..."You For Leaving Me" from Colourmusic

"You For Leaving Me"
from My ____ is Pink
Memphis Industries 2011

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(Be aware track has a pause after the first note. We wanted to leave it as we received it. Thanks)

Oklahoma’s Colourmusic has a reputation for oddity in both their approach to recording having once composed an entire album based on the work of Sir Isaac Newton and their live act which featured mock graduations, pre-recorded messages between songs and a wedding. Though this might sound possibly annoying or pretentious to some reviewers or music fans, I say: “lighten up a little”.

As for the band’s new sound on their latest album My ___ is Pink (I like to insert “flower”), the sound is full, richly conceived and tremendously straight ahead rock music in the vein of T-Rex. Check out the standout track “You For Leaving Me” which lays down a Billy Squier stomp and clap played against gospel-style rock and roll chorus. The track is decidedly sexy and tough.

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Track of the Day..."Glowing Mouth" from Milagres

"Glowing Mouth"
Kill Rock Stars 2011

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Other than having one our favorite publicity photos (see above), Brooklyn based indie popsters Milagres have put together a stirring and effective new track for their new label Kill Rock Stars.

“Glowing Mouth” is a simply constructed track featuring prancing 50’s dancehall keyboard backed by a 90’s R&B slow jam groove with ethereal falsetto laden vocals. Sounds like a bit of a hodgepodge but it flows and integrates perfectly. The song is an exciting first effort for Milagres and we expect to hear it out of bars and cars, at beaches and barbecues throughout the summer.

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