The Late Call
from You Already Have a Home
Tapete Records 2010

Listen to “Fribourg” MP3

You Already Have A Home is Johannes Mayer’s stunning follow-up release as The Late Call. This new release shows the Stockholm-the based Johannes expanding his sound and venturing out from the introspection of his debut Leaving Notes.

The new release is intimate without being close, each track solidly rooted in the core of Johannes’s voice and acoustic guitar. Orchestration and percussion are used with deft economy, gently lending shape and depth to the album. And collaborators such as Maria Eriksson from The Concretes and Ylva Ceder complement Johannes’s warm and throaty vocals.

You Already Have A Home speaks to universal life experiences -- working to build a life, the inevitable struggles and setbacks, as well as the incredible joys along the way. All of this driven by a confidence and an unflinching belief that we can shape our own circumstances.

The German label Tapete Records will be releasing a special vinyl version of You Already Have A Home which will include the otherwise unreleased track “Valley”.

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