"Two Dots"
From A Certain Distance
Ghostly International (2009)

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"Two Dots" is the first single from the release A Certain Distance from Seattle's Lusine (a/k/a Jeff McIlwain). On this track, McIlwain (a sometimes soundtrack composer) manipulates the organic sounds of drums and strings, setting them off against the crisp, accented vocals of Finland's Vilja Larjosto. The strength of this track lies in its seeming simplicity, altered snares racing at a steady clip coupled with an uplifting, melodic chorus which foregoes the usual dance lyrics, instead seeing Larjosto asking who is responsible for the not so benign consequences of geometry (relationships - as - trigonometry). "Two Dots" is just one of the highlights on this excellent second release from Lusine on Ghostly International.

The "Two Dots" single also contains a remix by Dave Pezzner (of Jacob London) as well McIlwain's own dance floor rethink.

Check Lusine's MySpace page for a list of European dates through the end of November 2009.

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