Masha Qrella
"I Talk To The Trees"
from Speak Low - Loewe and Weil In Exile

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Berliner Masha Qrella continues her solo efforts with her third release Speak Low - Loewe and Weil In Exile and creates a laid-back, lo-fi pop gem with the standout track "I Talk To The Trees". On the album, Masha shares her surprising and blessedly un-theatrical take on songs by Kurt Weill and Frederick Loewe. The album was born out of a 2007 project with Berlin's Haus der Kulturen der Welt as part of its "New York - Berlin" celebrations. The challenge of the project was to find new and fresh approaches to Weill and Loewe songs, and Masha unquestionably succeeds in avoiding the obvious pitfalls and gives the tracks a welcome twist. Speak Low... is out now on Morr Music.

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